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Cleaner Ah Ma almost Kills other Cleaner Ah Ma with Cowboy Stunt during Fight over Missing Umbrella

You might think an umbrella is nothing much lah since you can buy one for 5 bucks at the pasar malam.

But to one cleaner Ah Ma, an umbrella was worth enough to almost kill for.

That brolly fanatic is 70-year-old Mdm Pan, a cleaner at 313 Somerset shopping mall.

She believed that her 82-year-old cleaner Ah Ma colleague, Mdm Wong, stole her umbrella.

The 2 two crossed paths outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station on 12 Apr at about 4pm.

That’s when Mdm Pan confronted Mdm Wong and accused her of being an umbrella thief.

Mdm Wong denied this and the two Ah Mas argued.

Then, things took a violent swing.

Mdm Pan took the handbag she was carrying, slung it over her head like a cowboy wields a lasso, and used it to whack Mdm Wong.

But as luck would have it, the handle of the handbag got caught around Mdm Wong’s neck, choking her.

Said Mdm Wong:

“My throat was stuck. I couldn’t breathe. Then I lost balance and collapsed on the floor.”

Somebody called the police, possibly to save the two Ah Mas from further embarrassment.

But when police came, Mdm Wong said that Mdm Pan accused her of trying to steal her handbag.

Paramedics also came but Mdm Wong rejected their offer to go to hospital for a checkup.

Later on, Mdm Wong’s daughter noticed that there was something wrong with her leg and brought her to the hospital.

That’s when they discovered that Mdm Wong had fractured her leg during the scuffle.

Wah lau eh.

Next time if an Ah Ma accuses you of stealing her umbrella, save your breath and just buy her one from the pasar malam.



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