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Cleaner Aunty Hospitalised after Cyclist Watching Cartoons while Riding Rams into Her

Poor Mdm Long.

All the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital cleaner wanted to do was grab some breakfast, but a trip to Hougang left her back in hospital instead.

The 46-year-old native of Shandong, China, had got off a bus at Hougang Avenue 3, at the bus stop near Block 106.

Almost immediately, a cyclist rammed into her, striking her on the left side of her body.

Mdm Long fell to the ground from the impact.

She felt her ribs and left shoulder hurt, but what’s worse was, she couldn’t move her back to get up.

Lucky for her, a kind taxi uncle saw her writhing in pain on the ground and stopped his taxi to help her.

He called for an ambulance and waited with her until the ambulance arrived.

Mdm Long was sent to Changi General Hospital for treatment.

She recalls seeing the cyclist wearing earphones, and having a handphone mounted on the handlebar of his bicycle.

Mdm Long said the cyclist was watching something on the handphone which looked like cartoons.

The incident took place on Sunday (15 Jan) at around 6am.

Mdm Long is thankful for the help of the kind Singaporean taxi driver, but is furious that the cyclist who crashed into her didn’t even bother to stop to check if she injured.



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