Cleaner Aunty Installs CCTV at Home, Catches 82-Year-Old Husband with Naked Woman


In the pursuit of lifelong learning, this 63-year-old aunty learnt that her 82-year-old husband was cheating on her after she installed a CCTV at home.

Mdm Fang, a cleaner, said that she got married 27 years ago, but their relationship went downhill after that.

“We move to this Balam Road flat in 2003. But 2 to 3 years after that, my husband brought a woman home. He even said that the house belonged to him. My thinking is quite conservative, and I wanted someone to be my companion in old age, so I didn’t pursue the matter.”

Some time back, Mdm Fang installed a CCTV camera in the living room of her 3-room flat.

Then, last Friday (13 Apr), she got a shock to see a naked woman walking around the house when reviewing the footage.

At 3.18pm, CCTV footage showed her husband opening the door for a woman and ushering her into the flat and into his bedroom.

The woman looked to be in her 40s.

Said Mdm Fang:

“At 3.48pm, the woman walks out of the room totally naked, so it shows that the 2 of them must have been having sex before that.”

The woman went to the bathroom, then while still naked, returned to her husband’s room.

“At 4.08pm, the woman and my husband came out of the room. At that time, my husband wasn’t wearing a shirt, and the woman was neatly dressed.”

Mdm Fang says she is her husband’s second wife.

He had remarried after his first wife passed away.

She said that her husband has 7 kid from his first marriage.

Mdm Fang has shared her story because she is angry with the way her husband has treated her.

She is in the midst of divorce proceedings.



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