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Cleaning Company Accuses “Foreigner” of “Creating Nonsense” to Avoid S$100 Payment


A “foreigner” has accused cleaning company Ocean Cleaning Services of trying to cheat her, even taking to Facebook in an attempt to shame the company (screenshot above).

However, Ocean Cleaning Services has revealed the full dialogue between the company and the foreign lady and claims that the lady is trying to wrangle out of payment.

From the conversation shared by Ocean Cleaning Services, the two parties agreed on a S$100 fee for the cleaning of a sofa.

However, the “foreigner” (termed by the company to withhold the real name of the person involved) demanded that the fee be reduced after the sofa was cleaned.

The “foreigner” said that “Singapore hourly rate only a few dollar” and said that she should pay one worker only S$12 per hour of work (based on her calculation that would come up to S$48).

Despite acknowledging that the soda was already clean, she then demanded that the workers spend another 2 hours cleaning it to get her money’s worth, based on her wage estimations.

When Ocean Cleaning Services reminded her that they had agreed on a fixed S$100 fee for the job, the “foreigner” then accused the company of trying to cheat her because she wasn’t local.

The “foreigner” then posted about the experience on Facebook with excerpts of their conversation and accused Ocean Cleaning Services of cheating her, to which the company released the full text of the correspondence (screenshots below).

Said Ocean Cleaning Services:

“You handing over your flat at at the day we clean the sofa and heading back to your country so I guess maybe you are just creating some nonsense just to save the $100 bucks for yourself, still I thank you for posting us in your Facebook and help us to promote how well we clean your sofa, and I wish you all the best. Once again I thank you for wasting few hour of our time and i sincerely apologise to those customer who is affected by our delay and changing time last min.”

This is the correspondence between the “foreigner” and Ocean Cleaning Services:





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