ComfortDelGro “Punishes” Taxi Drivers with New Levy System for Refusing to take Bookings

ComfortDelGro taxi drivers have been slapped with a new levy structure to encourage them to accept bookings.

In a letter to taxi drivers, ComfortDelGro, said that it loses “thousands of bookings” every day because drivers don’t accept them.

The company will launch a new fee system where it takes a 3.9 percent levy for each booking that costs over S$12 and no levy for bookings under S$12.

These levies are charged only for rides booked through ComfortDelGro’s phone and mobile app booking systems.

Taxi drivers will receive weekly incentives for taking on more bookings.

Taxi drivers currently pay 30 cents per fare for off-peak bookings, and 40 cents per fare for peak-hour bookings, while advance bookings carry a S$1 levy.

ComfortDelGro says it hopes the new levy system will encourage taxi drivers to take on more bookings through the booking system.

However, taxi drivers have been very vocal with their displeasure.


Some have even called for a petition against the new levy scheme.


Others, after doing the sums, say that the difference isn’t much per job but cumulatively can take a large chunk out of drivers’ earnings.




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