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Corridor War Breaks Out in Sengkang as Aunties use Flower Pots to “Chope” Territory

It appears that two aunties have started a war at Block 323B Sengkang East for control of the common corridor.

Their weapon of choice – flower pots.

The warfare involves using flower pots to “chope” as much space along the corridor as possible.

It appears that the dispute started festering about 3 years ago, and now has come to an all-out chope-ing war.

Said one of the aunties involved, 49-year-old Mdm Tan, about her opponent, 40-year-old Mdm Lee:

“It all started when this neighbour staying at the corner of this floor (Mdm Lee) started growing plants. Then she put her flower pots in front my house windows along the corridor.”

Not to be cowed by the accusations, the other corridor-space contestant Mdm Lee said:

“This stretch of corridor got 3 units. Two of them are at the corner and one is facing the corridor. The corner units altogether only have about 1 metre of corridor space, but the one facing the corridor (Mdm Tan’s unit) has 2 metres of space. She wants to take up all 2 metres by herself, that’s too greedy right?”

Mdm Lee added that the corridor is a “common corridor” and should be free for all to use.

It appears that the Town Council has stepped in and advised the warring neighbours to constrain the placement of their flower pots to the area just outside their units.

But it seems that that advice has been ignored.



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