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Couple’s Loud Sex and Shouting Cheese Off Neighbours, Police Reports Made

Loud sex – loud enough to cheese off neighbours.

One couple staying at Block 533 Bukit Batok Street 51 has incensed neighbours with their noise levels after moving in just 9 months ago.

Besides the sex sounds, the pair have been accused of quarrelling loudly, slamming doors loudly, and even throwing furniture loudly.

Apparently everything they do is pretty loud.

One neighbour from the 5th floor says she made her first police report about the couple in September last year, after she heard the man loudly (again, loud) demanding oral sex from his wife, and abusing her with Hokkien swear words.

Another neighbour from the 7th floor says her family woke up in shock one night, when they heard the couple’s baby girl crying, while doors were slamming and the pair were shouting.

She made a police report too.

Other complaints have been made to the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the Town Council, and even the Institute of Mental Health!

The couple stays on the 6th floor, so they must have antagonised 3 floors of Block 533 dwellers with their loud antics.

The man has denied all accusations, while his wife has remained mum on these matters.

Well, silence is golden and actions speak louder than words, as some would say.

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