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Kong Hee's twin, separated at birth.


Court Whacks PRC Cheat Yang Yin with 320 Additional Charges

Kong Hee's twin, separated at birth.

Kong Hee’s twin, separated at birth.

Former tour guide from China, Yang Yin, has been slapped with an additional 320 charges in relation to the falsification of accounts.

Yang Yin, who is embroiled in a controversy regarding the S$40 million assets of an 87 year old widow, was earlier charged with 11 charges for falsifying receipts worth $28,000.

He said that the money was paid to his company for music services such as piano tuition but the payments were actually never made.

It is believed that the false receipts were used to show that his company was turning a profit so that he could use it in his PR and work pass applications.

Today, he was slapped with another set of charges for similar falsifications of accounts.

The company in question was set up in 2009 and called Young Music and Dance with registered address at the wealthy widow, Mdm Chung’s bungalow.

If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in jail, and a fine, or both.

The MOM and ICA are also investigating Yang for allegedly providing false information on his immigration applications.

Yang is also being sued by the family of Mdm Chung for the money and assets which he sold and made a profit.


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