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Crafty Maid Finds Hidden Private Videos on Handphone, Blackmails Employer

Seeing that her employer’s daughter tended to be careless with her handphone, the family maid hatched a plan to dig up some dirt and extort money from the family.

The 27-year-old maid had been employed here for 3 years, and over that period of time she monitored her employer’s daughter when she used her handphone.

Eventually, she memorised the password to unlock the 31-year-old daughter’s handphone.

One day, the maid saw that the handphone was left unattended.

She went through the contents of the phone and found intimate videos shared between her employer’s daughter and a friend.

She snapped some shots of those videos using her own handphone.

The maid went home to Indonesia in March 2022 after her contract expired.

Trouble began 5 days later.

Her now ex-employer received a text from the maid demanding S$6000 in exchange for her silence.

That’s when she realised what had happened.

The ex-employer reported the matter to the police, and the maid was later arrested.

Yesterday, a Singapore court sentenced the maid to 2 years and 6 months jail on one count of extortion.

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