Cyclist Dumps Drink on Car at Traffic Junction After Driver Honked at Him

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 4:00pm by Redwire Singapore

redwire singapore cyclist throw drink at car
Car horns – some cyclists ignore them and some others point the middle finger, but this Man in Black cyclist decided that he would toss his cup of drink at his “aggressor”.

One Mr Ye said his wife was at the wheel during their drive to Orchard, and was just about to make a turn when a cyclist rode across the road junction.

He said his wife was startled and honked at the cyclist, only to get an even bigger shock when the cyclist threw his cup of beverage at their car’s windshield.

The incident happened at the cross junction between Wheelock Place and Shaw House and Shaw House on 1 Oct.

Mr Ye has condemned the cyclist’s actions, saying he should have apologised, and that his unruly behaviour could have caused an accident.








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