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Dating Site Scammer Super Fail? Man Calls Bluff of Suspected Chiobu Cheat


Are there any “motherless homes” in Singapore?

Not to our knowledge.

So this possible “date” on not only seems fishy, it stinks of a lousy attempt, or possible attempt, to con lonely gentlemen of their cash.

A netizen has shared his encounter with “Fiona Williams”, whom he met on the dating website.

Scam, or not?

That’s your call for anyone who’s lucky enough to meet this loverlady!

GUIGUZI: Just for awareness, if you are a user and this chiobu chatted up with you, I suspect she is a scammer, so be careful and don’t get scammed.

Why I suspect?

1. First she told me she is Anita, next day she is called Fiona, then her email is Fiona Williams, then she told me Williams is her father’s name, her full name is Fiona Anita NG.

2. She say she is from Hong Kong, but when I asked her why her English is so good, she say she moved to Australia when she is 4. But I think Hong Kong surname for Huang is Wong bah, Ng sound like Hokkien.

3. Googled and saw a similar profile with different pic on another dating site

4. She claims she is in Singapore to investigate her late father’s donation to a motherless home in Singapore. Maybe its for her scamming scheme later on. Didn’t know any motherless home in Singapore.

5. She use strange English like “give you an audience”…

6. If she is in Singapore just to investigate her late father’s donation, why would she join a dating site to look for local guys when she just arrived few days ago?

7. She don’t want to meet as she prefer to chat and know more about each other first.

8. She asked for my email address and wants me to check everyday.

9. She asked me if I am in my room (maybe want to trick me to expose myself to her to extort me later).

10. She say I am cute, which I ain’t. hahaha….

Anyway I think she is a scammer, just sharing in case any ForeverAlone eager for love got cheated by her.

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