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Dedicated Maid Stole S$108,315 from Employer then Went on Gambling Spree

Some maids are happy with a bonus from their employer, others like Ai Teti prefer to give themselves big bonuses at their employer’s expense.

The 37-year-old Indonesia maid found her employer’s UOB cheque book and signed 42 cheques, which she then encashed, i.e deposited the amount written on the cheques to her own bank account.

Ai was a dedicated maid – she worked for her employer, Mdm Yong, for 13 year before her thieving behaviour in May 2015.

Investigations showed that during that month, she stole the 68-year-old aunty’s cheque book, forged her signature and wrote out cheques to herself.

To perform an accurate forgery, she studied Mdm Yong’s receipts.

Ai then squandered the money on gambling and also sent some home to Indonesia.

Not content with that, she even stole one of employer’s commemorative gold coins.

The rogue maid was only caught when Mdm Yong checked her UOB statement in November 2015 and found suspicious withdrawals.

She lodged a police report and Ai was arrested.

Ai has been jailed for 21 months for forgery.



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