Desperate Towkay Offers Sweet S$3000 a Month Deal But Still Can’t Find Stall Helpers!

Desperate to make sure he fulfills all his orders for Chinese New Year (8 Feb), the boss of Uggli Muffins is dishing out more dough in the hopes of enticing people to work for him as a stall assistant – to the tune of 2 times the typical market rate.

The job sounds simple enough – you don’t need any prior job experience, just a pretty smile (because those muffins are already damn uggli).

But Towkay says that despite the sweet pay package on the table – which doesn’t even include bonus yet – he’s only been able to find one suitable worker after looking for help for one month.

Most fresh university graduates in Singapore would be thanking their lucky stars to land a job in the private sector that lands them S$3000 a month.

So if you’re still job-hunting, or unemployed and sitting on your ass playing Xbox games the whole day, why not brush your teeth and see if you make the cut?



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