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Diehard Lao Tiko Pinches Schoolgirls’ Chests in Yishun, Says “Okay to Die in Prison”

Another day, another siao lang in Yishun – or so it seems.

One 73-year-old lao tiko was so desperate to get a grip on teenage schoolgirls that he wasn’t afraid to risk going to jail.

On 23 Feb this year, Lim Cheng Kiat sexually attacked 3 girls dressed in their school uniforms at Northpoint shopping mall.

He first targeted 15-year-old, walking towards her and using his shoulder to bump into her cheek while pinching her chest over her school uniform.

He did the same to his second victim – a 13-year-old.

Lim then attacked a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was buying food at Subway.

He used his shoulder to nudge hers, then gripped her chest over her school uniform.

The girl only realised what had happened after Lim made a hurried getaway.

She started crying and a friend who was with her accompanied her to the police station to report the matter.

Lim was eventually identified by means of CCTV.

During investigations, he said that he had set out that day with the intention to molest girls, and that the incidents were “trivial” to him since he did not “rape” the victims.

Lim has pleaded guilty to 3 charges of outrage of modesty.

When asked by the court if he would like to a mitigation plea, Lim said that to “mitigate is to become a coward” and that “it is okay to die in prison”.

Lim’s sentencing is set for 20 June.

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