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Divorcee Uncle Looking for One Night Stand Cheated in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible

Scammers preyed on this divorcee uncle’s desperation for sex and companionship and conned him in ridiculous fashion.

Kong, a 40-year-old chef who comes from Shandong, China, has been working in Singapore for the past 7 years.

His hard-earned salary is used to support his parents and put his son through school.

Last month, he got to know a girl over Wechat called Le Le (or  “Happy Happy”).

Kong would chat with her every day and they formed a bond.

“She said she was here to study. Coming from a poor background she borrowed S$4000 from someone and had no money to pay and was in need of money.”

Le Le then sent Kong sexy photos of herself and asked him if he was “interested”, i.e would he like to pay her to have sex with him.

He did.

The terms were Kong would buy her S$250 in iTunes credits.

He did that too.

Finally, the much-anticipated day came and where Kong would get to meet his lover in the flesh and have his way with her in the bedroom.

All things went well, except for one snag – a man who claimed to be the “agent” of Le Le texted Kong and told him that he needed to pay a “deposit”.

“He said I had to pay S$2600 as a deposit in the form of iTunes credits. He said that this was to ensure that nothing bad happened to Le Le and if after meeting me she was okay he would return me the money.”

Kong accepted the terms and made the transaction.

As all scam stories go, he never heard from Le Le, the “agent”, or his money again.

What’s worse is not only did he not get to have sex Le Le, he also wasn’t able to contact her again for their daily chats.

Kong says looking back he realises that the whole setup was ridiculous and he was blinded by love and lust and hence fell into the scammers’ trap.

He wants to warn others so they will not get scammed the same way he did.

We agree, Kong.

Wah lau eh, since when do customers need to pay “deposit” money for prostitutes???



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