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Caught on Cam: Singapore Student Gives Up Shoes for Barefooted Boy

Singaporeans need spurs stuck in their hides, and possibly a boot up their bottoms.

But for one wandering, barefooted boy, all he needed was a pair of shoes. And this he received when a pair of students stumbled upon him.

The students who chanced upon the boy were from Edgefield Secondary School, according to Zen Ginji, who uploaded this picture on Facebook.

He said one of the students gave the boy a pair of shoes, after finding him shoeless in Punggol.

The shoes were oversized, but they did the trick.

The students also called the police, and waited for the police to take the boy into safe custody before leaving the scene.

Zen Ginji said, “I wish to share a good deed done by these two students from Edgefield Secondary school…There are good people all around and they deserve to be recognise(d) for their good deeds.”

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