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Employer Claims Maid Wore Sexy Clothes and Offered Massages to Seduce Her Husband

“When she first came, she wore her traditional Burmese clothes and long skirts. But after I gave birth, she would wear revealing clothes at home and when she goes out.”

Short shorts, figure-hugging skirts, low-cut tank tops – this employer claims her Burmese maid deliberately dressed in sexy outfits and put on make-up to seduce her husband.

The maid apparently even did housework sometimes wrapped in just a towel.

34-year-old Ms Wang, a futures trader, said she and her husband hired the maid in July this year.

The maid was initially very obedient, but her attitude started to change last month after the Ms Wang gave birth.

She started to dress sexily, became lazier, and started to talk back.

For instance, said Ms Wang, she began insisting on using only a particular brand of shampoo and drinking a certain brand of coffee.

Ms Wang said she questioned her maid about her sexy attire, and her maid responded that the weather was hot.

This month, on a trip to the supermarket, Ms Wang said her maid threw a tantrum when she refused to buy her the chocolate she wanted, and insisted that she be deported home.

Ms Wang talked to her husband about the matter and the couple decided to terminate the services of their maid.

That was also when Ms Wang found out that her maid was getting more touchy-feely then she should.

“My husband told me that the maid offered to give him a massage but he refused. I was very angry to hear that. She was trying to seduce my husband.”

Ms Wang has since terminated the services of her maid.

She has warned employers to be careful about changes in their maids’behaviour.



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