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“Exploding” Ikea Glasses Hit Singapore, after Several Explosions Across the World

In what looks to be the first reported case of “exploding” Ikea glasses in Singapore, K Feliz Nino has made a public complaint that a cup he bought from the Swedish furniture store burst without cause.

“We bought half a dozen of your glass cups earlier in the year. On Saturday (1 Oct 2016) morning, we found that overnight, one of the cups that we used and left on our drying rack literally exploded with glass shards found all over the kitchen area.”

Fortunately for Feliz, no one was hurt.

It appears that this isn’t the first incidence of Ikea glasses – similar glasses have been exploding from China to the US.

In April this year, a Beijing native got a shock when an Ikea glass he had left on his nightstand burst on its own.

San Francisco resident Jesse Valade also reported a similar incident, saying:

“I was sitting back enjoying a glass of apple cider in a lovely IKEA USA glass cup when all of a sudden I heard a pop and the bottom of my IKEA cup literally BLEW off. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking…that’s not what cups are supposed to do.”

And back in Stockholm, even Swedes aren’t spared.

“The basic ikea drinking glass literally exploded in my hand as I was rinsing it with a dish brush under body-temperature water. There is tiny pieces of glass everywhere. Even in the other rooms, all over the kitchen, all over my skin and clothes as well.”

So homeowners, it might be best to handle these Ikea glasses with kids’ gloves.


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