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Fabrications about the PAP Twists Li Shengwu’s Words in an Apparent Attempt to Smear his Reputation

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Pro-PAP Facebook page, Fabrications About the PAP, has taken a cheap shot at Lee Hsien Yang’s son, Li Shengwu.

The people behind the page pounced on a comment that Li made in private, twisted its meaning, then attempted to paint Li as out to attack Singaporeans at large (pictured above).

Captioning the picture, FAP wrote:

“’Ye Ye – We will try to make you proud.’ This is how Shengwu does it, by calling Singaporeans dogs because they disagree with him. This is what a Oxford & Stanford education is?”

What happened was far from what FAP made Li out to be.

Two days ago, Li posted a private “Friends Only” Facebook update with a link to a news article on the 38 Oxley Road saga.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers then decided that it should look into the post, and this was reported by state media The Straits Times.

Which, of course, sparked more discussion on Li’s Facebook page.


Responding to the discussion on his Facebook page, Li’s original comment is very much different from what FAP has made him out to be, in meaning and in context.


As you can see, Li isn’t calling Singaporeans “dogs”.

Still, the FAP post has received over 100 comments so far, with many buying into the whole “Li Shengwu is ungrateful and hates Singaporeans” slant.


It appears that FAP is trying to turn Li into Public Enemy #1 after the ceasefire between his dad, uncle and aunty.

Should Li take them to task for the attempt to smear his reputation?



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