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Family Sues Weight-Loss Company after Ah Ma’s Botched S$400,000 Slimming Treatment

82-year-old ah ma Mdm Gan wanted to lose weight due to health reasons.

After seeing a TV ad by London Weight Management back in 2013, she signed up for a weight-loss trial for S$18.

Eventually, Ah Ma Gan’s family wound up signing up for a slimming package worth S$400,000 which appears to have done the poor old lady more harm than good.

The treatments didn’t improve her health and instead caused her to suffer diarrhea, skin rashes and pus discharge.

That’s what Ah Ma Gan claims in her lawsuit.

She’s seeking compensation for S$450,000 from London Weight Management.

That sum includes the S$400,000 paid for the package, and medical fees.

Ah Ma Gan claims the slimming centre pressured her, her husband and her son into signing up for the package.

Apart from diabetes, she has a heart condition, high blood pressure, kidney problems and water retention in her legs.

She says that her son and husband had asked for a medical assessment to be done on her before starting the programme, but they were assured by the therapist that it was suitable for her.

At the trial session, her son was persuaded to pay S$10,914 for an 8-month package.

Six days later, she went for her third session, and that’s when her son and husband were “brainwashed” into extending the package to two years for an additional S$66,768.

Two days later, Ah Ma Gan claims she was made to believe that she needed more than 2 years to see progress.

Hence, her family paid S$321,000 more for a 6-year package.

However, things went wrong during the first year she was receiving treatment.

“Detox drink” which cost S$4662.40 allegedly caused Ah Ma Gan to suffer diarrhea.

A rash on her abdomen which oozed pus was found by a doctor to be due to an allergic reaction to products applied on her skin.

Ah Ma Gan finally stopped treatment in 2014.

In its defence, London Weight Management said it is willing to refund her the unused portion of the package amounting to S$43,408.15 out of goodwill.

The centre added that Ah Ma Gan’s family only declared that she had diabetes and didn’t declare any other illnesses.

The centre also said it had advised Ah Ma Gan to seek medical advice on the suitability of its treatment and products, and told her that successful weight loss depended on a balanced diet and regular exercise.



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