“F*ck Up Teacher: Potty-Mouthed Mom Verbally Abuses “Rude ” Primary School Teacher

This parent was caught out yesterday for her potty mouth, following a spat with a Xin Min Primary School teacher who she considered rude.

She sent a text message to a teacher as her son had forgotten what he needed to bring for a class show-and-tell assignment.

In reply, the teacher said:

“In my message on Class Dojo, I said that pupils can bring the item they want to show or a photograph.”

(Class Dojo is an online application which enables teachers and students to interact and communicate)

That’s when Potty-Mouthed Mom went ballistic, raining multiple text messages on the teacher.

She also posted the conversation on social media, saying:

“F*ckup school with f*ckup teacher.”


Potty-Mouthed Mom’s child is now in Primary 2, so she has apparently had some bad blood with the teacher in question for about a year now.

It’s uncertain though why she got so upset at the teacher’s reply this time.

Potty-Mouthed Mom has since deleted her social media accounts.

But, not firing one final salvo at those she believes has wronged her.

Potty-Mouthed Mom should probably have a Tiger and chill?

Of has this teacher gone way out of line with her response?



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