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Financial Advisor Claims Strange Man Entered Her KSL Hotel Room While She was Sleeping

Yesterday, a 35-year-old Singaporean woman was rudely awoken during her stay at KSL Hotel & Resort Two by a strange man who somehow managed to enter her room.

Cecilia, a financial advisor, said she heard the sound of her hotel room door being unlocked and woke up.

Her husband and 21-month-old toddler remained fast asleep.

Cecilia said after the door opened, a man walked in front of her bed.

The light from the toilet was not bright enough to enable her to see his face.

Cecilia shouted to wake her husband up.

That’s when the man switched on his phone camera and pointed the flashlight at her for a brief moment.

He then left, saying that he had entered the wrong room.

The incident took place at around 3am.

Cecilia said that because they were tired, she and her husband went back to sleep.

Later in the morning, she approached the hotel manager to complain about the incident.

However, she was told that CCTV footage did not capture anything.

Cecilia has warned travellers to remember to latch their hotel rooms before going to bed to avoid a similar experience.

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