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Foodpanda Delivery Rider Asked by Lonely Woman to Catch Cockroach at 3am

She was home alone, and he was all she needed… to help catch a cockroach.

This Food Panda delivery rider stumbled on perhaps his strangest delivery when a customer sent him photos of a cockroach in her home and asked for assistance to handle it.

When he reached her place at around 3.30am, the frightened customer handed him a can of insecticide.

However, he calmly used a tissue to pick up the cockroach and dispose of it.

Then, just as quietly as he came, he left.

The customer, GermainIce, said she wanted to tip the delivery rider for coming to her rescue.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t because the delivery had been marked as completed on the Foodpanda app.

She hopes that Foodpanda will be alerted to the incident and reward the kind delivery rider.

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