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Foreign PMEs Earn More than Singaporean PMEs Because They’re “More Employable”

Across the board, foreign PMEs earn more than Singaporeans.

Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin claimed that foreign PMEs earn higher incomes because they are more employable.

Speaking in parliament, Mr Tan provided a table and showed that the gross monthly income of resident PMEs than Singaporean PMEs.

redwire singapore mom pme data
He added that foreign PMEs earn higher incomes because “Permanent Residents typically have to display good employability before they are granted residency”.

Many Singaporeans have been quick to criticise Mr Tan for his statements.

They say that based on the Manpower Ministry’s data, it appears that more good jobs are going to foreigners.

Some commented that there appears to be a bias towards hiring foreigners.

Mr Tan was responding to a question by Member of Parliament Patrick Tay, “what is the breakdown for Singaporeans and permanent residents and foreigners who are professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in Singapore’.

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