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Foreign Workers’ Jobs Under Threat as Singapore Explores 3D Printing to Build HDB Flats

The Indian and Bangladeshi workers who toil under the heat of the Singapore sun to build our HDB might soon have another reason to break a sweat.

If Singapore’s move to use of 3D printing to build public housing works out, they might just face a job crunch!

The government and the Singapore Centre for 3d Printing are exploring such a prospect.

The aim of this is to engage locals to build housing more quickly and efficiently, alleviating the burden of relying on a large foreign labour force.

The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing has received S$107.7 million in government funding to spearhead such an initiative.

The organisation is looking into ways to build housing units one floor at a time using specialised concrete 3D printers, then assemble these units using a technology similar yo building with Lego bricks to form a whole HDB block.

A building plan will be presented this year, with a prototype building expected to be built within 3 years.

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