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Foreigners Rent Sengkang Flat, Leave Singapore and Sublet Flat to 18 Tenants

How’s this for a quick buck if you’re a foreigner in Singapore!

A group of 5 foreign students rented a 4-room flat in Sengkang West Avenue in May this year.

They then sublet the flat to 18 other tenants.

The flat-owner discovered this upon conducting a check on the flat this month because the rent payment was due.

That’s when the flat-owner realised that there were 18 people living there, none of whom were the original tenants.

The flat was in a mess and living conditions were cramped, with mattresses sprawled across the floor.

The kitchen was filthy.

According to the new tenants, the original tenants who sublet the flat to them were not in Singapore.

The flat-owner has reported the matter to the police.

According to HDB regulations, up to 6 people are allowed to live in a 3-room, 4-room or 5-room flat.

Penalties of up to S$50,000 are imposed on errant flat-owners.

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