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Former Teacher and Military Police Officer Shares Painful Tale of How he was Jailed for Stalking Ex-Boyfriend

A local man has recounted the heart-breaking details of his break-up with a local male singer, and how he was jailed while stalking his ex-lover.

Tan Boon Wah, who apparently was a former relief teacher and military police officer shared his tale on local forum Hardwarezone.

He has even shared links to video montages (resembling those commonly shown at weddings) which include baby photographs of his ex-boyfriend, and pictures of them when they were still a couple.

Tan claims he was jailed for 6 months for stalking his ex-boyfriend.

His frustrated ex-boyfriend on the other hand shared a video detailing instances whereby Tan was was filmed stalking him.

In one instance, he even confronted Tan and asked why he had followed him into a public toilet.

That video has since been taken down.

Still, infatuation runs deep and it seems there’s no standing in the way of Tan.

This is his tale:

“My name is Tan Boon Wah.  I’m a guy who was in a 4yrs r/s with a male local singer. I got dumped and went to jail for stalking

Re-iterating what I said in the title with more details. I’m a guy who was in a 4 years relationship with Jeremy, a male Chinese local singer. Got dumped in May 2015 a day after my birthday (said he doesn’t love me anymore), spent an entire year waiting for him everyday below his house so I can speak to him and ask that he unblock me so I can contact him. But everyday, he’ll call the police and ask them to arrest me. Eventually I was sentenced to 6 months just for stalking under the Protection from Harassment Act (which by the way doesn’t even have a precedent of 6 months for a first offence under the Act, it’s usually just 2-3 months, goes to show*how harsh my sentence was). After I served 4 months of my sentence and was released 2 months early, I looked for him again on my first day of release, got arrested and charged again when all I did was to press his doorbell twice. No one even came to answer the door before I moved away. After getting charged for re-offending during my early release period (for stalking again), I went out on bail, I looked for him once more outside his place, got arrested and was served another charge of stalking (2 current charges now), bail revoked, stayed inside prison for another 21 days until finally the judge offered me bail again. So I’m awaiting sentence now, potentially facing another 4 years of jail.

And no, I’m not crazy, they made me stay at IMH for 2 weeks just to get the psychiatrist to certify that I am still of sound mind. I’m posting this not to seek for approval. I won’t say what I did was right or not. I simply want him to allow me to be able to contact him. Is 4 years of our relationship together (where we met everyday) not enough to even let me contact him? I just want him to take pity on me and allow me to just be able to contact him. It’s nearly 2 years since the breakup now. During all these, never once did I pose any physical threat or violence to him. But his dad did do stuff like splashing hot water on my chest, using a water hose to spray at me numerous times and even his mum pulled my head to bang against the wall. I have no idea what else to do now. I still very much want to be able to contact him. He has blocked me everywhere, literally every communication platform imaginable, be it phone, facebook, instagram, twitter, wechat, snapchat, weibo, even emails. Which was why I even went to his house because there’s really no other channels for me to reach him.

When I was sentenced the first time round for a 6 months sentence, I went to his place like 5am/6am every morning before he left for camp (he was still in NS). Waited for him to come out to try and talk to him. And I finished work in the evening, I would go to his place again to wait for him to come home, which could be like 3am. Sometimes I would just sleep on the stairs overnight when I missed him coming home. On weekends, I would just wait outside his place and if he stays home the entire day, I would wait from basically morning could be 8am till again night, 3am, forgoing my breakfast, lunch, dinner. He has actually changed his phone number 6-7 times because I managed to find out everytime. He changed his phone from an iphone to an android one because iphones couldn’t block no caller-id numbers which I was calling him from. Anyway that was for the first case, which took place over a year. Sentenced to 6 months for that.

But now for my second case, all I did was to go to his house on my day of release. He called the police, they arrested me. Came out on bail, he was actually nice enough to let me talk to him online, subjected to conditions like I don’t look for him at the restaurants he’s singing gigs at, to remove my facebook and instagram accounts, and also that he won’t meet me, just letting me talk to him online. I was happy to do that as long as I could still talk to him online, even without meeting him. So I talked to him for 2 months while on bail in October and November 2016 (I served my sentence from 1June 2016-1Oct 2016). But I admit I went overboard and annoyed him by messaging him too much. So around the end of Nov last year, he decided to block me off everywhere again, saying he will never let me be able to contact him again, neither in this life nor the next life. I went to look for him and he called the police and arrested me, got my bail revoked and I spent 21 days in prison again, including Christmas from 8-28Dec. So now I’m out on bail again because the judge has decided it’s unfair to deny bail to someone who did not even commit something heinous like murder. I am awaiting for sentence which like I said could go up to 4 years and also have to include the 2 months of early release they said I would have to pay back for re-offending during the early release remission period (I was afterall immediately arrested on the same day I was released when I went to look for him on my release day).

No it’s not my first relationship. I am 27 years old. It’s actually my third. I am usually a law-abidding citizen. I had worked in the Singapore Police Force screening criminal records, assessing licences for security officers/agencies and private investigators/agencies. Before that I was a military police during my NS as well. I am familiar with what’s right and what’s not. Of course now that I’ve stayed in Changi Prison, Admiralty West Prison, and even IMH, I’ve seen all sorts of people who are in there for different reasons. A lot of them are just looking for ways to make money without much regards to the consequences. And no, I’m not uneducated, I’ve actually been to uni twice, in NTU and later in UniSIM. I’ve worked as a relief teacher before and had also worked in MediaCorp myself because my ex-boyfriend, Jeremy was doing his poly internship there and thus I applied to work there just so we could travel to work every morning together.

Well honestly, why can’t he allow me to even contact him? I’m not forcing for us to be together again. I just wanna be able to contact him

I did go to jail. Was inside for 4 months and 21 days. And I am facing prospects of going to jail again. There was no violence involved. Just purely for stalking.

Well I honestly don’t wanna look for anyone else, no one else can compare when I’ve already known what perfection is like. It’s ok if I remain single. And I don’t think there have been many people convicted with the Protection from Harassment Act (PoHA) which was enacted only in 2013. Much less get charged twice for it. I was charged with it again after getting released. Also I was charged with access personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which was also new, passed in 2012. This was solely for calling Singtel and asking them for his new phone number, using his IC number. I was sentenced to 2months just for asking Singtel for his phone number which I didn’t even do anything nefarious with. But thankfully they let that charge run concurrently with the 6months charge for stalking so total still just 6 months. Spent 4 months in jail (1June-1Oct), got arrested on release day, went out on bail, got arrested again and stayed inside from 8-28Dec before getting bail out again to wait for sentence.

Even the charge about having to pay back my sentence because I re-offended during the early release period was an act under the Remission Order Prison Act introduced only in June 2014. I’ve been charged with all relatively new laws basically. And the reason they gave me such a harsh sentence for the first time was because I told the psychiatrist very honestly that I would look for Jeremy again. The psychiatrist’s actual report was ‘The accused was not of unsound mind and is able to plead for himself. However he has admitted that he would look for the victim again, per instanta, upon release. Hence this should be taken in an ominous light.’ And the prosecution used this to justify giving me a harsher punishment of 6 months, compared to previous examples of just 2-3months under first offence for harassment law.”



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