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Furious Homeowner: My Premium DBSS Flat Resembles… a Prison?

Netizens have taken to Facebook to show their disappointment at a HDB DBSS flat development in Pasir Ris, Pasir Ris One.

First off, some have attacked the dull design of the flat corridors, saying that it they resemble the corridors in prison compounds.

Netizen Goh Guan Leong says that when the gates of two apartment units across from each other are opened at the same time, they almost brush each other.

He added that despite being called a “master bedroom”, the bedroom can cannot fit a king-size bed.

So much for sleeping like a lord!


Goh’s post has attracted much attention from other netizens, some of whom have insisted they will never get a new HDB flat development, and aim for resale flats.

HDB flats that fall under the Design, Build and Sell Scheme are meant to be more premium than normal Build-to-Order flats in the HDB’s stable.

They are also priced higher than BTO flats.

Such DBSS developments are contracted out by the HDB to private developers, while still being sold as public housing.




  1. KC

    June 21, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    They treat HDB dwellers as idiots, cannot afford private apartment and cannot afford to engage lawyers to fight them in court therefore squeeze till you are dry also lan lan

  2. Amin

    June 21, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Since one have been to the showroom and knew how small the room it would be or if king size would fit the mbr i dont see why you need to complaint! These to me i quote “STUPID”

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