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Garang Bedok Rats Run Rampant, Attacking Motorcycles and Scaring Residents

If you thought the Bukit Batok rats were bad, wait till you hear how their comrades are wreaking havoc in Bedok!

A resident of Block 551 Bedok North St 1, Mr Tay, says he buay tahan the rats liao because they’re getting to bold for their own good.

He has good reason to be mad – his motorcycle was attacked by rats.

Not once, by twice already in the past one month.

“Since Chinese New Year till now the rates have attacked my scooter at least twice. There’s no food on my scooter, but the rats went to chew on the seat and wiring and I have to spend money to fix it.”

Mr Tay says the rats are so brazen they don’t give a damn about people, when other rats elsewhere would usually run away at the sight of humans approaching.

“There will be several rats running around when I walk down the corridor. Big rats. They are not scared of people and instead it is people who get frightened by them.”

The rat problem has surfaced for several months now according to 52-year-old Azman, who runs a store in the vicinity.

“The pest control people came last week and the situation looked like it improved, but there are still many rats running around.”

Azman said that despite the destruction of many rat burrows, more rat burrows turned up again in a matter of days.



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