Garang Bus Hits Police Car at Marine Parade, Punters Curse and Swear: “Why No 4D Number?”

A police car and a public bus got into an accident today at about 2pm along Marine Parade Road towards Amber Road.

An eyewitness said that the bus hit the police car.

The police officers involve in the accident were seen helping to direct traffic, as passengers alighted from the bus to seek alternative modes of transport.

Fortunately, it appears that none of the passengers or drivers of both vehicles suffered any injuries.

Unfortunately, neither the police car nor bus plate number can be used by punters to buy 4D this weekend.

Said one avid 4D buyer, Mr Seah:

“(profanities censored) this bus driver also damn cock-eye. Want to bang at least bang those 4-digit mata chia lah. Driver’s salary kana cut because of accident, maybe he can win back by buying 4D.”



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