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Garang Maids Chase Down Burglar who Stole their Employer’s Handbag and Money

When a burglar broke into a house in East Coast, he didn’t expect to get caught, and even chased down by the two maids working in the household.

The incident took place on 27 Oct last year at around 10am.

The burglar, an unemployed 46-year-old man, ha climbed into the study room of the house.

There, he stole a S$500 handbag that belonged to the homeowner, a 32-year-old lady.

Inside the bag was an envelope that contained 830 pounds.

Just them one of the maids chanced upon him and screamed.

The burglar ran off with the bag, but she gave chase.

The other maid of the house was alerted by her comrade’s screams and also chased the burglar.

With 2 maids hot on his heels, the burglar grew desperate.

He slipped the envelope containing the cash in his pocket and threw the handbag by the roadside.

That’s when the maids stopped a passing car and asked the driver, a Mr Goh, for help.

Mr Goh got out of the car and shouted at the burglar, while his wife called the police.

One of the maids then caught up with the burglar, but he shrugged her off and punched her.

He then whipped out a pair of scissors and told his pursuers to back off.

But that didn’t stop the maids and Mr Goh.

Growing even more desperate, the burglar took out the envelope and started tossing the pound notes inside on the ground, apparently trying to distract them.

Eventually, he ran out of pound notes to toss and fled.

The maids then picked up the money and handbag and returned home.

Police arrested the man later the same day and he has been jailed for 17 months.



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