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Geylang Couple Almost Crushed to Death After Roof Caves In!

They heard a creaking sound, and suddenly, the roof just collapsed.

The elderly couple were fortunate that at over 60 years old, they still had the “killer” instinct and the keen reflexes to leap out of harm’s way.

Mdm Tan, 60, says that she didn’t suffer any injuries, but her 69-year-old husband received cuts to his back and shoulder.

The most heart-breaking thing for the couple – their only wedding photo was destroyed.

The incident was caused by construction work being carried out on a condominium at Geylang Lorong 32, just next to the 2-storey terrace house in which the couple live.

The condominium has been built up to the third storey, and as works took place, one of the walls next to the shophouse suddenly crumbled.

That sent debris crashing onto the Tans’ home, causing their roof to cave in and spilling rubble into their bedroom, as well as the bedroom of their son.

Many of their personal artefacts were destroyed.

Crack lines were also found in several walls of the house.

Mdm Tan says she has lived in the house for 30 years now, and refused to sell it, even though its worth about S$4.5mil.

But now, she’s afraid to continue living there, anxious that the structure might be unsound.

The incident happened last Thursday (10 Sept).

Construction on the condominium has been temporarily stopped, as the Building and Construction Authority investigates the matter.

The BCA says it sent down a team of engineers on the day of the incident, and they have assured the couple that their house is structurally sound.

The rooms have been cleaned up and roof repaired and further checks will be done on the house.

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