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Grab Deliveryman Destroys S$2500 Worth of Moutai, Grab Compensates Seller S$27

A retiree who ordered 12 bottles of expensive Moutai didn’t expect around half of them to be destroyed by a Grab deliveryman.

But things were worse for the seller – Grab refused to compensate for the damage, only offering a refund of S$27, which is the fee for the delivery.

65-year-old Lu Guang Hui said that he saw the deliveryman put the box containing the Moutai on the ground, then kick it a few times.

He saw that alcohol was leaking out of the box and gestured to the deliveryman, telling him not to leave.

However, the deliveryman simply left.

Of the 12 bottle, 5 were broken.

The retailer, Sun Wei, said that he had specifically told the deliveryman that the box contained Moutai and that the bottles are fragile.

He said that he reported the matter to the police, who told him to negotiate with Grab.

Sun contacted Grab, but was told by the company that it was not responsible for the actions of their delivery partners.

According to Grab’s Terms of Service, the company “is not responsible for the acts… of any partner”, and that “partners shall bear all liability in relation to such goods/services”.

Eventually, Sun gave Lu 5 bottles of Moutai as a replacement for the broken ones.

As each bottle retails for S$500, he estimates his loss to be S$2500.

Sun intends to hire a lawyer and take the matter to the Small Claims Tribunal.

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