Grab Driver Seeks S$15,000 in Damages from Young Punk who Stomped on His Windshield

A stomp was all it took to land this 26-year-old in a S$15,000 mess – not including further trouble with the law.

Chee Chu Siong celebrated his 26th birthday just hours before he jumped on the private-hire car outside St James Power Station.

He has since been arrested and charged in court for committing a rash act.

And, to add to his woes, the PHV driver is seeking close to S$15,000 in damages to his vehicle.

Apparently, the 72-year-old PHV driver sent his car to a service centre, which quoted him S$14, 967.48 for the cost of repairing the car.

A copy of the bill was published on local online news agency, Mothership.

Among the most costly repair items:

-To replace the roof top panel, roof bow and upper apron including to knock out dented area caused by accident — S$5,950

-Roof panel x1 — S$2,011.70

And, to make sure that the cost of every single damn thing is itemised and covered:

-Screw (SF plus M5X15) x5 — S$2.75

The PHV driver, Mr Koh, is currently in negotiations with Young Punk Chee.

He reportedly expects Young Punk Chee to pay the full S$14,967.48 bill as he is “not well-to-do”.



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