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Hawker Charges 50 Cents to Remove Tau Gay from Char Kway Teow

To pay extra 50 cents, or to take out the tau gay (beansprouts) strand by strand yourself?

That is the question befuddling prospective diners of one char kway teow stall at the Wu Fu kopitiam in Fajar Shopping Centre.

The stall, which also sells carrot cake and oyster omelette, has a long sign board listing the additional prices for certain requests for its char kway teow dish:

add seafood + $2.00
add egg + $0.50
add tau gay + $0.50
just kway teow + $0.50
just noodles + $0.50
no tau gay + $0.50

Many have been left puzzled by why the hawker would need to charge extra for not including an ingredient, saying that he should even offer a discount.

However, some reasoned that the hawker cooks the char kway teow in bulk together with the tau gay and excluding the ingredient would mean having to fry up a whole new individual portion for just one customer.

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