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HDB Flat Ceiling Crumbles, Aunty Makes Lucky Escape


This 54-year-old aunty who was cooking pig stomach soup for her sister narrowly avoided getting whacked by chunks of ceiling!

54-year-old Mdm Tay said that she was in the kitchen of her Eunos HDB flat when she heard a loud thump.

“I instinctively ran out of the kitchen. When I turned around, I saw that a huge piece of the ceiling in the kitchen had collapsed.”

And then, more pieces came crumbling down.

The pieces were were large and heavy and even took out parts of the cement, exposing the metal beams in the ceiling.

Fortunately, a set of washing poles prevented the ceiling chunks from landing on Mdm Tay.

“That night I was so scared I cried and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.”

The incident took place last Friday (3 Aug) at about 11pm.

Town council officers have since inspected the flat unit and cleared the debris.

Mdm Tay believes that the incident has something to do with renovation works performed by the neighbour living one floor above her.

“After the neighbour moved in, cracks have been appearing in my ceiling these past few months. Sometimes there will be water leaking, but I thought never mind since it’s not so serious. But ceiling falling down is a bit too much.”

Mdm Tay is relieved that she made a narrow escape thanks to her lucky washing poles.



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