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Mom and Daughter Caught in HDB Glass-Door Sudden Shatter Shock!

She had just finished bathing her 10-month old daughter, when her glass bathroom door just shattered for no reason, spraying glass shards all over the floor.

That gave 33-year-old Zou Xiuzhen the scare of her life, and left her baby in a crying, but unhurt , heap.

The incident happened in a flat at Block 39 Geylang Lane.

Ms Zou said she had deliberately left the glass door open, after reading previous stories on how such doors in HDB flats shatter for no apparent reason.

She says she didn’t hang anything else on the door except the occasional towel.

Ms Zou said she had only moved into the flat in March 2014, a month after receiving their Temporary Occupation Permit (an approval by housing authorities that the flat is ready for the owner to live in).

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