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HDB Says It’s Ok with Contractors Using Cable Ties to Secure Carpark Gantry Barriers

As public concerns grow over the use of cable ties to secure carpark gantries, the HDB says its ok that contractors use those cable ties sometimes to avoid disrupting the Electronic Parking System.

The issue first came to light after a complaint by a Mr Tan Tee Seng, who said he saw cable ties used to secure the barriers.

“I saw the bolts loosen and the barrier fall to the ground. It was put back, and fixed just with cable ties.”

Tan claimed that this happened repeatedly, with more cable ties being added each time the barrier came loose.

Cable ties have been spotted at carpark gantries in Bishan and Chua Chu Kang, amongst other areas.

More complaints have since been received from the public questioning the safety of such measures.

The HDB says the EPS gantry barrier is “designed to be detachable upon being hit”, to minimise damage to both the vehicle and the EPS system.

“Where the impact to the gantry barriers is minor, such as when vehicles bump lightly into them, they may become slightly dislodged. “To reinforce these barriers and prevent them from falling off, the service provider may sometimes choose to use cable ties to secure them so that the EPS operation will not be disrupted.”

The HDB has also reminded motorists to slow down when approaching the EPS barrier.


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