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HDB Slammed for Post on “Crazy” Resale Flat Prices: “Which Scholar Thought of this Joke?”

Singaporeans have slammed the Housing Development Board (HDB) for a Facebook post it put up yesterday (24 Jul) regarding resale flat prices.

HDB was criticised for being unprofessional and not showing empathy to the plight of average Singaporeans who are struggling to afford public housing.

One commentor, Joseph Tan, even questioned:

“Which HDB scholar who never stay in HDB thought of this joke?”

Negative comments appear to have been scrubbed from the HDB’s post.

The HDB, in what it believed was a humorous attempt to show the “affordability” of resale flats saying:

“Resale flat prices seem crazy nowadays. I might have to sell my most valuable possession in the world just to afford one!”

This was met by a reaction stating:

“Whats, your McDonalds Hello Kitty Collection?”

It then went on to say that resale flats “still remain affordable” and said that most first-time flat buyers can service their loans using their CPF savings and use little to no cash payments every month.

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