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Health for Wealth: Catholics Warned Not to Trust Miracle Healer from India

A miracle healer from Kerala, India has caused a stir among the higher-ups of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore has warned the community about a Francis George Thomas, who has been going around claiming to heal ailments, while collecting donations and selling religious-themed books.

Thomas was in Singapore last month and has made about a dozen visits here so far.

He’s believed to have a following in Singapore, though the size of the group is unclear.

The Archdiocese in Singapore says that Thomas doesn’t have its approval, and doesn’t appear to have permission to preach at all from any Catholic authority.

“This includes but is not limited to the giving of donations, buying of his merchandise, and other logistical and material support which could facilitate his activities in Singapore or overseas. We would like to advise that sponsorship or aid of his activities will be a cause for investigation by the authorities.”

Thomas had been served a warning by archdiocesan authorities to obtain approvals necessary to continue his activities, but refused to comply.

He is now being investigated.





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