Health Ministry Can Auto-Arrow You to Pay for Relative’s Outstanding MediShield Life Premiums

Singaporeans have raised a stink over the CPF Board’s auto-delay of members Retirement Age Payouts to 70 years old when the eligibility age to start receiving payouts is 65.

At the same time, other Singaporeans have raised the timely reminder that the Health Ministry follows a similar “auto-arrow” policy when it comes to MediShield Life premiums.

MediShield Life is a compulsory national health insurance scheme, and all Singaporeans (even those living overseas) must pay premiums.

According to the Ministry of Health, if a Singaporean is unable to afford his premiums, an immediate family member such as parents or spouse can “help pay for the premiums with their MediSave” and that “the new payer will be informed in writing before any deduction is made, and may review the arrangement at any time.”

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However, that’s not the experience of this netizen, who shared this letter (pictured at top) received by his wife back in 2016 regarding the Health Ministry’s move to auto-deduct money from her MediSave account to pay for her uncle’s oustanding MediShield Life  premiums.

The netizen said that it was frustrating that his wife was identified to pay for her uncle’s MediShield Life premiums without her consent (an “uncle”, if you realise, is not commonly referred to as an “immediate” family member).

“The only connection between the insured (uncle) and my wife is my wife used her CPF to pay for his hospital bill a few years back. He is single and have no immediate family members.”

He added that his wife stopped MOH from going ahead, and warned Singaporeans to be vigilant as the stop order is an opt-out one – you will need to write in to the Health Ministry to stop them from proceeding with the deductions.

Those who have been auto-arrowed to pay for their family members’ outstanding MediShield Life premiums can apply to stop the deductions here.

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