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Heritage Tembusu Tree Collapses, Killing Expat and Injuring 4 Others; PM Lee Sends His Condolences to Victims

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has sent his condolences to the victims of the Tembusu tree topple.

The heritage tree at the Botanic Gardens collapsed on Saturday, killing an Indian expat and injuring 4 others.

Radhika Angara was at the Gardens with her French husband and 2 children when the tree came crashing down.

The 38-year-old was recently appointed as Mastercard’s regional head for digital marketing.

Prior to that appointment, she was working for Fastacash as its chief marketing and strategy officer.

Her husband, 39-year-old Jerome Rouch-Sirech, is the retail head for Puma South-east Asia.

NParks, which comes under the supervision of the Ministry of National Development, is investigating what caused the collapse of the 270-year-old Tembusu.

MND chief Lawrence Wong has called the collapse “unusual”, adding that the government will “spare no effort” to keep the Botanic Gardens safe for all to enjoy.



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