Hit, Smile and Run: Female Driver Smashes into Car, Runs Away, then Laughs at Her “Great Escape”

Some people, like this driver, forget that there’s something called “in-car cameras”.

Or dashcams, for want of another name.

After hitting another car while trying to park her own vehicle, she quickly made a dash for another parking lot.

Minutes later, she was seen walking with her partner and smirking at the damage caused to car that she had smashed into.

What she didn’t expect was the car that was hit had a dashcam installed which captured the woman’s actions and her car number plate.

Said “Daniel”, who shared footage of the woman driver caught on camera:

“Realising that the damage is serious, the lady quickly removed the car elsewhere. Then they re-appeared, laughing at the victim’s misfortune as they strolled casually past the car.”

It’s one thing to cause an accident, feel sorry for it, and offer to help with any repairs; it’s another thing to be a b*tch about the whole thing.

And, you never know who’s watching.



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