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HIV-Positive Transgender Prostitute Roamed Geylang Infecting Clients

A transgender prostitute who knew he was HIV-positive persisted in roaming the streets of Geylang and offering his services to horny clients.

For each sexual encounter, 38-year-old Mohamad Fazni Mohamad Azini would earn between S$50 and S$350.

Fazni didn’t tell any of his male clients that he was HIV-positive, which resulted in at least two of them contracting HIV after having unprotected sex with him.

Outside of Geylang, Fazni would also make contact with prospective clients through Instagram.

In one instance, he met one of these clients at his workplace and had sex.

When the man asked Fazni if he was “clean”, implying that he did not have any sexually transmitted disease, Fazni replied that he was “clean”.

The client later contracted HIV.

Subsequently, one of Fazni’s victims reported on him to the Ministry of Health.

Investigations later revealed that Fazni’s HIV viral load was high because he was erratic in taking his HIV medication.

This high viral load created a greater risk of infecting his sex partners with HIV.

The Infectious Diseases Act prohibits a HIV-positive person from engaging in sexual activity with another person without disclosing his HIV infection.

Fazni had been disgnosed with HIV in 2007, and is believed to have committed the offences between 2018 and 2019.

Yesterday, he was jailed for 3 years and 4 months after pleading guilty to one charge under the Act.

He has filed an appeal against the trial convictions and sentence.

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