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HOME Director: “Ed Bello was the Symbol of what Singaporeans Hated about the PAP”

Jolovan Wham, the executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), says the hatred directed at Pinoy rudeboy Ello Ed Munsel Bello aka Edz Ello was a result of misplaced anger.

Commenting on Facebook, he said that Ed was the “symbol of what they hated about PAP and its ‘pro foreigner’ policies.”

He also said that the case was “overblown” and the resulting response an “overreaction”.

“Singaporeans weren’t really angry that a Filipino had insulted them. They were angry that Filipinos, and all the other ‘unwelcomed foreigners’ were crowding out the city and taking their jobs”

He also slammed those who cheered Ed’s conviction.

“Resisting what the State is doing to Ed Bello, rather than gloating and cheering the judgment, ultimately promotes our civil rights and is part of a wider democratic struggle for openness and transparency. We should also not forget that what’s happened to him could happen to Singaporeans too.”

Ed was jailed for 4 months on Monday (21 Sept).

He was convicted of one count under the Sedition Act for promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility, and two counts of providing false information to police.

In a Facebook post in January this year, the then Tan Tock Seng Nurse referred to Singaporeans as “loosers in their own country” and said “We take their jobs, their future, their women, and soon, we will evict all SG loosers”.

He also stated that he would be “praying that disastors strike Singapore and more Singaporeans will die” and that he will “celebrate” if this happens.

Ed was subsequently sacked from TTSH.

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