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Hougang Beng Pours Curry on Ah Pek’s Window Because Cannot Tahan Noise

Irritated by the noise coming from his neighbour’s unit, one Hougang Beng launched a food attack across a period of 4 months.

81-yea-old Mr Liu said that his neighbour’s son started pelting his front door with eggs last August.

The son, who is in his thirties, struck again in December, sprinkling flour on his door.

Liu then installed a CCTV to catch him in action.

Last week, the angry Beng threw eggs at Liy’s door twice in a day.

Over the weekend, he poured curry on his window.

Liu handed over the CCTV footage of the incidents to the police, and informed the Beng’s parents.

Said Liu:

“We have been neighbours with his parents for 30 years, and we’ve always gotten along well. When I told his parents, they hoped that I’d go to the police and let them handle it.”

Regarding the noise coming from his flat, Liu said that his family members used to cook at home, and they had a young granddaughter who would run around the house.

Liu’s neighbour, Mr Wu, said that his son has been involved with bad company since young, and has not held a proper job for over 10 years.

He was also jailed for drug-related offences for 3 years and released in 2018.

“We thought he would turn over a new leaf after he was released, but he his behaviour got worse. He often breaks things at home, and asks his family members for money,” said the 76-year-old.

Wu said that he on one occasion when he tried to discipline his son, he ended up injuring his right wrist.

He added that he has been beaten up by his son in the past, and had to seek treatment at the hospital.

“I really want to kick him out of the house, but I’m afraid that even if he leaves, he’ll continue to cause trouble.”

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