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Housewife Burnt Maid’s Face with Heated Spoon and Whipped Her with Bicycle Lock

What’s scary about this story is the amount of premeditation that goes into heating up a spoon over a stove then turning to your maid and burning her with it.

All this, because the maid ate leftover food – was it really worth it?

In September last year, 28-year-old housewife Zinnerah Abdul Majeed did just that to her maid, 23-year-old May Thu Phyo, who started working for Zinnerah at her home in Yishun Avenue 4 in July.

The housewife’s husband had told May to eat up the food he couldn’t finish.

After finding out about this, Zinnerah confronted May.

When May remained silent, Zinnerah heated a spoon over the stove and pressed it to the left side of May’s face.

That wasn’t the only incident where Zinnerah attacked May.

She had also hit whipped her with a bicycle lock before.

Another time, Zinnerah heated up a spoon and pressed it again’s May’s forearms – all because she broke a cup while washing utensils in the kitchen.

May ran away 3 days after that incident.

A member of the public found her at a void deck several blocks away in a state of distress and called the police.

May was found to have multiple injuries on her face, arms and shoulders.

She also had several second degree burns on her face and hands which will likely leave her scarred for life.

Police brought her to a shelter home.

Zinnerah has paid S$6,180 compensation to May for loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Nonetheless, she has been jailed for 20 months after being found guilty of 3 charges of causing hurt.



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