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How to Grow Wild Mushrooms on the Door of Your New BTO Flat

Step 1: Move into a new BTO flat in Punggol.
Step 2: Wait a few days
Step 3: Complain to your MP if they don’t grow

It’s that simple!

Netizen Sarah Yee has complained online that mushrooms have sprouted from a wooden door in her new Build-to-Order flat in Punggol.

Yee said she first noticed “white specks” growing out of the door “not long after” moving into her flat, and a few days later, they turned into “white shitake mushrooms”.

“Do they not know that mushroom have spores that can cause asthma and other respiratory ailments? Why is the quality of BTO flats now so poor, pathetic to the extent where mushrooms or fungi can grow at home.”

Yee did not mention which door of her flat was affected.

Apparently, she isn’t the only homeowner struck by mushroom fever.

Another netizen, Sasha Hussain says it took half a year for the shrooms to sprout.

“We bought BTO at Corporation Tiara, stayed less than 6 months [and there was] fungus (pictured above) and crack in toilet tiles.”

And Bob Shinobi says he complained and got his door replaced.

“I also kena… but I reported to the HDB centre near my precinct. And got the door replaced for free.”

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