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Hulk Abang Hantam Taxi Uncle, Random Women, Police After Getting Lost on the Way to Work

After getting lost on the way to his new workplace, this abang turned on his inner Incredible Hulk and started a huge ruckus in the East.

Mohd Anwar was on his way to work at Telok Kurau at around 6.45am when he realised he wasn’t at the right place.

The 58-year-old stopped a taxi and got in, asking the cab driver to give him a lift to Sims Ave East.

The cab driver refused as he had passengers onboard.

However, Hulk Abang insisted.

The cab driver took out his handphone to call the police and Hulk Abang slapped it out of his hand.

The cab driver then drove towards a nearby police station.

Upon discovering where he was headed, Hulk Abang got out of the taxi and walked towards the Chai Chee area.

Along the way, he attacked two women in his path and stood in the middle of the road shouting loudly and obstructing traffic.

Police officers came by shortly after and arrested Hulk Abang, but he put up a fight.

As he was being ushered into the police car, Hulk Abang kicked and spat at one of the policeman, and hurled vulgarities at him.

He also spat at another senior police officer who had tried to calm him down.

The incident took place on 26 June.

On Wed (15 Nov), Hulk Abang was slapped with a jail sentence of 60 weeks and 5 days for his dramatic outburst.

In mitigation, he said that he was going through a divorce and that he had two children to care for.

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