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Indian National Who’s a Deutsche Bank VP Slams Singaporeans for Sense of Entitlement, Wasting Time Criticising the Government

A Deutsche Bank Vice-President, Sambath Kannan, has lashed out at Singaporeans for having a sense of entitlement. He said that Singaporeans need to be molly-coddled by the government, and accused them of wasting their time by criticising the government while not realising their full own potential. Mr Kannan hails from Pondicherry in India.

Kannan’s comments have sparked outrage amongst Singaporeans. Many have criticised him for not understanding the plight of common Singaporeans as he hails from a high-paying job.

This is the full excerpt of the post Kannan made on Facebook.

““Let us not wait for others to do everything for us. Let us each do our part and give it all that we can”.

Not sure how many young Singaporeans have read and understood these two lines ?

This doubt comes to my mind, while reading the comments made by some of our Singaporeans for the postings related press release of some ministries.

Housing- comments indicate, I want house of my own choice for the price I say. HDB should provide me immediately. I don’t care about rules and regulations or queue.

Jobs- comments indicate, hello government , you owe me a job, give me the job I want, pay the salary I ask, but you should not question me about my performance.

I am really concerned and at times I pity them.

Those born, had education and experience in other countries migrate to Singapore, utilise the opportunities available, create the opportunities for Singaporeans, they grow, they help Singapore to grow. Some of them consider Singapore as their home.

But, some of the Singaporeans are yet to realise the opportunities available and yet to realise their own potentials. They waste their time and energy by criticising the government.

They should understand , while foreigners grow in this land , why not me? What do they have ? What do I do not have ? How can I compete them ?

Hope in 2015 they will get answers for these questions, to further brighten their life !!!

Wish everyone a happy New Year 2015 !!!”

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